Monitor diisplay garbage after setting up correctly

I have Platformio on two machines. When working on one to track a coding fault I was monitoring the output to a UNO when I had to move t the other machine.
Same code and setup the monitor displayed garbage.
So I changed to a simple code.

#include <Arduino.h>
#define GREENLED 13

void setup()

void loop() {
digitalWrite(GREENLED, LOW);
Serial.println(“The greenled is off”);
Serial.println(“the greenle is on”);

platform = atmelavr
board = uno
framework = arduino
upload_port = COM7
monitor_speed = 9600

I changed the baud rate in both from 9600 - 19200 – 38400 – 57600.
Still garbage.
Just in case PlatformIO had gliched I uninstalled VSCode as a clean unistall.
Windows - Delete %APPDATA%\Code and %USERPROFILE%.vscode.
Removed the VSCode download . Downloaded again and reinstalled VSCode.

Ran the Arduino code again, still garbage. Closed Platformio and ran the program on Arduino IDE. Runs properly monitor works
I ran the code on the other machine. Runs properly monitor works.
I ran the program on this machine on PlatformIO. Still garbage. While the program was running turned on ArduinoIDE and set it to Com7 with this result.
What am I doing wrong?


Is it about the greenle being misspelled? That’s because it’s misspelled in the source code.

If you have to set a custom upload_port, better also set monitor_port = COM7.

Thanks maxgerhardt
I knew that GREENLED was in lowercase and it wasn’ta problem. Just lazy.
I added monitor_port = COM7 and still saw garbage.
I thought over what had been done and realised that the new installation of VSCod staill had PlatformIO in it. I removed VSCode all of the platformIO projectsand .platformio then reinstalled them. I wrote the code again included you suggestion and it worked. Now I can go back to trying to find my error in code. PlatformIO is so good for writing and examining code. Thanks again Dave