MIPS side of the arduino yun support


I wanted to develop some application for the arduino yun board especially mips side of it. I believe platformIO does not support it yet. Is there any plan on bringing that? In similar topic, does platform IO support custom packages, I know we can create custom libraries, board and platform but not sure if I can do similar to adding packages? If it can then I can include mips toolchain and it should be enough to develop mips side of the arduino yun.

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Please open an issue here Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub

Done, thanks. You guys are pretty good in replying. I have to say I just started few days back and it did not feel too much a headache to learn it, it is very simple and pretty good to use. Thanks for this project!

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Do you have any ideas for the improvements? We have a few complaints that PlatformIO is very complicated for the beginners. We are ready to simplify the switchinng process to PlatformIO ecosystem from other tools and IDEs.

So far I did not have any trouble moving my stuff to platformio, documentation is very good with examples along a way so that was really helpful. I used both atom based IDE and cli without having any issues. I can post suggestion as it comes for sure.

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