Mbed vs arduino for stm32f103rb

Hello EveryOne!

Could you please provide your opinion about what to use best for my project Arduino or mbed?

I’m going to flash stm32f103rb barebone system with some PWM generation, buttons and encoders sensing, voltage (via ADC) sensing, i2c/SPI external EEPROM, CAN and some math.

I’m more or less familiar with Arduino framework (AVR, ESP8266) but not familiar with mbed. It will begreat to work with RTOS feature (FreeRTOS is available for Arduino) and mbed 5 RTOS is for mbed. But RTOS is not critical.

Empty routine takes:

DATA: [ ] 3.4% (used 688 bytes from 20480 bytes)
PROGRAM: [= ] 6.6% (used 8636 bytes from 131072 bytes)

DATA: [== ] 16.9% (used 3456 bytes from 20480 bytes)
PROGRAM: [=== ] 31.8% (used 41676 bytes from 131072 bytes)