Mbed framework git vs mercurial

Hi Everyone, recently I came across PlatformIO. I wanted to try out the ARM/MBED support for it to see if it was a better experience than the web compiler. I grabbed one of my nucleo eval board and gave it a try. I made a simple blinky program and uploaded it to the board. While in the process of inspecting what was going on under the hood, I noticed that the MBED framework is a git pull from the mbed github page.

I believe that a more stable and up to date version can be downloaded from the official mercurial repository: mbed-dev - mbed library sources. Supersedes mbed-src. | Mbed which is currently at version 141 (according to the mbed.h file). The git version seems to be at version 123. I am not an MBED expert and I don’t know the differences between the two versions, perhaps someone with more experience can shine a light on this, but wouldn’t it be better to use the version from mbed.org?

The actual version in PlatformIO is 137. Don’t matter about the version number in the mbed.h file.
I think the next release 142 is on the way.

@ivankravets can you update to mbed version 142 ?

@valeros is working on it and will update later.