MBed framework <Callback.h> not found

I’m trying to include the Callback library, while using the MBed framework to work with a Nucleo_F401RE, but the compiler complains the header can’t be found. I suspect MBed-OS 5.1 isn’t the framework version used by PlatformIO, but couldn’t figure it out. Is my suspect right, or am I doing something else wrong?

mbed library rev. 121 is available in pio, mbed-os is different beast. Newer rev. 122 will require changes to build process because mbed devs changed directory structure. Mbed lib has been merged with mbed os but current state is at least far from being stable, regarding build process.

Thanks for the clarification @zgoda, I’ll just download the Callback class then, it doesn’t seem to have many dependencies. And if there’s something I can do to help making mbed-os available, I’ll be glad to participate!

For 1st the change to directory structure and build process in rev. 122 was quite large. And then they merged mbed-lib with mbed-os and this was really a revolution. Even using std build process i am not able to build mbed-lib for some older boards that was supported previously, eg. DISCO_F051R8 (and apparently the code is still there). I guess @valeros is the person than could give some insights here.

[EDIT] I see the ARM is pushing forward like crazy, mbed-lib is at rev. 123 now but their official repo seems to be down atm so I can’t confirm anything has changed in build process.

Hi @BrunoPires! Currently, PlatformIO uses mbed lib v121 and Callback.h was included only in mbed lib v122. As @zgoda mentioned above mbed developers significantly changed the project structure, so we decided to rewrite our builder for mbed framework to get rid of some unwanted dependency on prebuilt files. The new framework package and builder will be released ASAP.