Marlin Installation on a mac

After I Build, it’s supposed to create a .pio file. Specifically: .pio/build/megaatmega2560/firmware.elf

But it doesn’t save it anywhere. It’s nowhere in my computer.

  • What repository are you using as the PlatformIO project?
  • Any modifications done to the platformio.ini?
  • How do you start the compilation?
  • What are the contents of the .pio/ and .pio/build folder?

Thanks for the questions.

I got a response from someone on another forum who pointed out that macs will hide any file STARTING with a period (or dot).

So the process requires a step to show the hidden files which is to hold command+shift+. at the same time and it reveals the hidden items in any folder.

Once I did that I could see th .pio folder and access the hex file.

But then I ran into other issues just getting it from the Mac into the CR 10s.

That’s another topic!