Main.cpp custom

Hello sorry i’m french,
i check to make a main.cpp custom at beginning project arduino?

The content of the main.cpp with the Arduino framework is hardcoded in the PlatformIO Python code, you can’t change it easily.

What modifications should be done to it in your opinion?

thanks for your response. i think:

def _generate_project_main(project_dir, framework):
    main_content = None
    if framework == "arduino":
        main_content = "\n".join(
                "#include <Arduino.h>",
                "void setup() {",
                "  // put your setup code here, to run once:",
                "void loop() {",
                "  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:",

where is “”??

For my case it’s in C:\Users\Max\.platformio\penv\Lib\site-packages\platformio\commands\home\rpc\handlers\

Well maybe not everyone wants to use the Serial at all, or at a different baud rate. That’s why the file is functionally empty – just enough to compile it, but not any code code content besides that.

c’est bon j’ai trouver et ca larche!! merci beaucoup