M5 stack core S3 unknown board ID

Hi all, I am trying to build a project with M5 Stack Core S3 but the board ID appears to be unknown. I wonder if this is a bug or just something on my side? I have updated PIO and tried both manually select M5 stack core s3 as board or manually input board to .ini file both are returning unknownboard error.


platform = espressif32

board = m5stack-cores3

framework = arduino

Resolving m5stack-cores3 dependencies…

UnknownBoard: Unknown board ID ‘m5stack-cores3’

Please check the installed espressif32 platform version. The latest available version is 6.7.0.
Maybe your installed platform version is outdated and does not have the m5stack-cores3.

Write platform = espressif32@6.7.0 or just delete the C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\platforms\espressif32* folders and restart VSCode to get the all latest versions on that.