LittleFS on Pico

I am using the earlephilhower build core for the Pico. I added code for a LittleFS on an original Pico. Everything compiles. However, the mount of the LittleFS fails at runtime. I believe it is because the compiler does not know about this filesystem and therefore assigns all the Flash to the sketch. I spent several hours searching for an example or some setting where I can tell the system how much of a file system I want. No Joy.
How do I specify the max sketch size and the amount for the file system?

Under Project Tasks, it I choose Build Filesystem Image, then it fails as below:

Building in release mode
Flash size: 2.00MB
Sketch size: 2.00MB
Filesystem size: 0.00MB
Maximium Sketch size: 2093056 EEPROM start: 0x101ff000 Filesystem start: 0x101ff000 Filesystem end: 0x101ff000
Building file system image from ‘data’ directory to .pio/build/pico/littlefs.bin
error: image size not specified, can’t create filesystem
*** [.pio/build/pico/littlefs.bin] Error 1

Well if you give no space to the filesystem then it can’t be created. Set the filesystem size per given example

Thank you for pointing out an example of the ini setting for reserving filesystem space. That part of the project is working now.