List of available versions for a specific platform

Is there a command to list all the available versions for a specific platform? I can see

 pio platform show  platformName@version

but it shows only the specified version (or the latest matching a specific requirement)

We have this information in our registry but there is no CLI for this. The easiest way is to get a version from the Github repository. For example, Releases · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub

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Thank you. Will you add this feature in CLI?

Such a feature requst is already tracked in Make package registry searchable in the CLI or GUI · Issue #3836 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub

But for platform’s its much easier in this case to go to the specific Git repository and click on the “Releases” button, like per GitHub - platformio/platform-espressif32: Espressif 32: development platform for PlatformIO or GitHub - platformio/platform-ststm32: ST STM32: development platform for PlatformIO etc. (They’re all parents of the platformio account and have the same namescheme)


I think the right solution is the new frontend for the registry. We will prioritize this feature request.

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