Linter error on mbed framework

That behavior comes up with the the new version (3.0?), see screenshot. The code is ok
and works.

Could you try Menu: PlatformIO > Rebuild C/C++ Index?

Tried it but it didn’t solve the linter error.

I can’t reproduce this issue. Please open PlatformIO IDE Terminal and share here output of

pio platform list
pio platform show ststm32

pio platform list->
Home: PlatformIO Registry
Packages: framework-mbed, toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi
Version: 1.1.0

pio platform show nxplcp (not stm32 it’s a lpc1768)->
Version: 1.1.0
Home: PlatformIO Registry
License: Apache-2.0
Frameworks: mbed

Package framework-mbed

Type: framework
Requirements: ~3.124.0

Installed: Yes
Description: mbed Framework
Version: 3.124.0

Package toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi

Type: toolchain
Requirements: >=1.40803.0,<1.40805.0
Installed: Yes
Description: gcc-arm-embedded
Url: GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain in Launchpad
Version: 1.40804.0
licht-mbp:C12832A1Z sstaub$
PlatformIO: BuildLine 1File 1Project 11 Issuesrc/main.cpp4:12

After restarting the Atom IDE the issue is gone.

This behavior comes up when opening a project folder and opening the main.cpp file. After closing and reopening the Atom-Editor the issue is gone.
I don’t know if it is a problem of PIO or Atom (on Mac): When I close Atom, the
actual configuration of open project folders and files are not stored correctly.
I need to open and close the “Open Config Folder” in Settings to correct it manually. It is mysterious.

Do you still have this problem?