Library version in repo not reflected in PIO library registry

I am using the Mbed library BufferedSerial which has the dependency library Buffer.

In the PIO registry there are two revisions of Buffer, however the most recent version in the mbed repo shows revision 89564915f2a7 as the most recent and the PIO registry shows the prior revision 7b754354b99c as the most recent, with the specific dates for each being wrong. As a result the prior one and most recent one are chronologically switched and when PIO library manager either installs or updates the libraries, it downloads the older one instead of the newer one as shown here:

I checked the manifest in the registry for this library but no version is mentioned, why is the older one being marked as newer than the newest revision?


Looks like an glitch in the library scraper, as the dates for the versions listed are wrong also… the latest 2016 version is listed as 2013, and the second latest is listed as 2015, and listed first?

Anyway, you should be able to lock it in as a lib_deps = 396@89564915f2 (i.e. library #396, version 89564915f2), but the cause of the gremlin will need to be found and summarily dealt with! :wink: