Library revision confusion

Hi everyone.

I recently updated 2 libs Luos and Robus and I noticed something strange, The manifest of the lib have the latest revision (the one I updated recently) but the revision is not available.

Did I fail somewhere?

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The change was commit 24 hours ago – allow the crawler at least 48h to recrawl all of its libraries. If it’s not updated by then, then there might be a problem.

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ok, I get it.
The manifest seems to be directly pulled from GH to be displayed on the website.
Thank you

Okay I see the problem. It shows 0.6.7 on the left side but not on the right side of the releases.

Maybe those aren’t always in sync? @ivankravets

Yes I test it by pushing some minor modification on my manifest and I see it moving by refreshing your website.

Sorry, fixed! I don’t know what has happened. We are so close to release the preview version of our new universal registry.


thank you. I can’t wait to try your new release !