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Library registry Sync with Arduino registry

Hey, I have a few questions about the library registry of platformio.

  1. I know it imports new libraries from Arduino - How long does it take?
  2. Is there a tool like “arduino-lint” to check the libraries? I read several posts that users complained about their libs not being picked by the platformio registry and it turned to be formats issues (version numbers, structure and more) that arduino ignores but platformio enforced. So is there a tool / way to check ourselves if our libraries are compatible?

AFAIK, libraries do not magically appear in the registry, you do have to register them.

This is done with the pio publish command. See the “Publish” section in Creating Library — PlatformIO latest documentation for details. Publishing / updating is virtually instant, you get an email to confirm its completion.

You can use pio pkg pack to verify that everything is ok (such as the manifest file format) - see pio pkg pack — PlatformIO latest documentation.


CC @ivankravets can answer this best I think.

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  1. This is the legacy behavior. We will remove it in the future. The current setting for the legacy crawler is to check the library manifest every 24 hours.
  2. See good answer by @jcw in Library registry Sync with Arduino registry - #2 by jcw
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Thank you for the answer - In the future, when the crawler wont sync the Arduino registry - I assume we will need to publish our libraries directly.
Will the Arduino “structure” will be still supported and valid?

We officially support If your project conforms to Arduino library specification, it will work with PlatformIO.

Yes. What is your library in the registry?

My libraries are prefixed with “SIKTEC_” They are all there I was just wondering about the future :slight_smile: