Library Problem with mbed

I have a very crude problem with a library. I’m developing some code for Seeeduino Arch Pro and the classic NXP LPC1768, both have the same microcontroller. The code is nearly the same. I have a special library with a single file “eth_status.h”. The library works without problem on the Seeeduino Arch Pro (left code on the screenshot) but not with NXP LPC1768 board (right code on screenshot), i get the message “eth_status.h: No such file or directory”. What happens?

Hi @sstaub! Could share your project somewhere or send it me directly to vkoval (at) to reproduce this issue?

  1. Please check that you use the latest PlatformIO 2.10.3
  2. Re-build C/C++ Index via Menu: PlatformIO > Rebuild C/C++ Index

Thank you, now it works