Library not found

First time here, finally got Platform IO running after 3 -4 tries the last 2 years!! It cannot find the library Centipede by Macetech, available at Github and I’m using right now with Arduino IDE.
How do I get it? (Tons of MCP23017 libraries but I want Centipede).

You mean this library, created 6 days ago? GitHub - macetech/Centipede: Arduino library for the Centipede Shield MCP23017 I/O expander by macetech

For libraries that are not (yet) in the PlatformIO library registry, you must add the download link or repo link yourself. See docs.

So here e.g.

lib_deps =

in the platformio.ini, to download it via the git client (that is hopefully installed on your machine).

Otherwise replace the link with the HTTP ZIP download link, or download the zip yourself and pull the folder inside that zip library into the lib/ folder of your PlatformIO project.