Library moved to new repository. How to update the registry?


our library for the Kniwwelino move from a corporate github account to a new one dedicated to all Kniwwelino related Open Source assets.

It is registered in the pio registry PlatformIO Registry

The new URL for the lib is GitHub - kniwwelino/KniwwelinoLib: The Kniwwelino® hardware is the first micro-controller development platform entirely designed in Luxembourg for primary school children.
There are now two additional releases as well that are not now listed in the pio registry.

How can we fix that?

Best Christian

At the moment, since there is no unregister option, you would ask @ivankravets to manually update it, and remind him the second generation of the library registry will make this a thing of the past! :wink: :laughing:

I ping Ivan when anything really needs his attention, so it should be resolved soon.

What is wrong with this library PlatformIO Registry ?

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Since yesterday it was pointing to a outdated repository, but it seamed to take more time until it updated.


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