Library manager finds non existing update

From time to time I get following message after running pio update in global context:

There are the new updates for libraries (OneWire) 
Please update them via `platformio lib --global update` command.

But in fact there is no updates to this library and pio lib -g update does not find it. This happens only for this one library and none else. A bug or my instance is borked?

Which version do you see here?

pio lib -g list


The version at PlatformIO Registry is 2.3.2. Neither pio update nor pio lib -g update does anything, I see Updating OneWire @ 8fd2ebfec7: [Up-to-date] message from both of these commands.

Looks that you installed it from a GIT repo. Try

pio lib -g uninstall OneWire 
pio lib -g install OneWire 

Thanks, looks like my PIO installation is borked to some extent.