Library Managed libraries not found by travis CI

I am trying to use travic CI to build my project. My project builds correctly on my local windows 10 machine. On travis CI I get a file not found error on a library (WiFiManager) installed through the library manager.


When the build environment is created the library is successfully installed, by the file not found error occurs on the #include statement

Project/branch in question

I am trying to see where I am going wrong. Thank you

Note sure what’s going on there… I enabled Travis on a project that uses WifiManager, and it ran fine:

Since you have an earlier error at line #59 fatal: No names found, cannot describe anything. in relation to the linker script, I’d be thinking about first switching back to the stock platformio-espressif8266, rather than the staging version just in case there is something broken along there. I haven’t run that project on newer versions of the espressif8266 core than 2.2.1 (as you can see from the project’s platformio.ini I have it version locked) so I could also just be lucky and not running a bugged version.

Rolling back to 2.2.1 threw up some different compiler warnings linked to non UTF8 characters and some unused references.

I managed to fix this though. I think I had a typo in one of the types WiFiManger was written out (lower case f I think was the issue)


Oh great… case sensitivity strikes again! What’s that you say… WifiManager isn’t close enough to WiFiManager! Stoopid compiler! :face_with_head_bandage:

At least it was a ‘easy’ fix once found! :laughing:

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