Library is not updating in the registry

PlatformIO Registry is not being updated for some reason. library.json is fine AFAICS esp8266-weather-station/library.json at master · ThingPulse/esp8266-weather-station · GitHub and there are tags for each version in the GitHub repo.

What did I miss?

It appears it’s also listed under PlatformIO Registry - and that one did get updated. The aim is to match what we have in the Arduino libs registry.

I do not remember how those two entries in your registry came to be. According to Creating Library — PlatformIO latest documentation we must have manually published them at some point in the past. However, that documentation also says we need to manually republish every release. I suspect that’s only partially correct as you seem to be crawling some (other) registries for new releases? Where would I find information on that?

The way I remember it, some (older or when requested?) repos are in auto-crawl mode, if not pio pkg publish must be done.

CC @ivankravets

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It was explained in

Do you need any help?

We obviously ended up with this lib listed twice. How can we delist one of them?
How do we find out about auto-crawl yes/no?

I see, thanks!

  1. The duplicated library has been removed
  2. See Creating Library — PlatformIO latest documentation
    Once you manually publish a new version, the automatic updates will be disabled. Please note that you will need to use pio pkg publish --owner thingpulse command to publish the version from org account (not a private).

Please also remove library.json file from the project if you don’t want to align manifests. They point to different library names. It is not allowed in the PlatformIO Registry. We recommend using the same library name which you use for the Arduino registry. So, this library is good:

Thanks! I was able to publish it to the correct owner.

Can you please also delete “thingpulse/WeatherStation”. I had first manually published it under the wrong name.

Do we now have to publish every new release manually or will you sync it from the Arduino registry?
Also, can you somehow limit which PIO accounts can publish to the “thingpulse” owner?

Done :white_check_mark:

Now, yes, because you published manually a new version. You can set up automatic publishing with Github Actions CI. See lvgl/platformio_publish.yaml at master · lvgl/lvgl · GitHub
Please note that you will need to generate your own access token. See pio account command.

You are the only owner of thingpulse org. Noone can publish new versions.

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