Library inclusion help request

Again, this is incorrect workflow. The right solution is to add library.json and specify extra -Irelative/path to build_flags.
If you don’t want do that and want to have “each” inc folder as separate folder, the better is here to use lib_extra_dirs:

lib_extra_dirs = /path/to/FreeRTOS, /path/to/FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS/source/include, ........


Incorrect. The right is:

lib_extra_dirs = L:/User/Carl Home/My Documents/arduino/sketchbook/libraries


Thanks Ivan, I’ll change platform.ini and recompile.
I appreciate everyone’s input and discussion on this subject.

Worked fine, Thank-you.

Ivan, can you point me to an example of adding library.json. Thanks.

Sure, please take a look at Microbit-DAL library. You need to place library.json to the root of your library:

Thank you. On a side note, I see my paths are in gccIncludePaths in .gcc-flags.json. Why is the compiler not finding the files?

PIO generates this file for PlatformIO IDE to provide real code linting basing on build environment. Please don’t see on that file.