Library Example and Author not Updating

Hello, I’m a new platformIO user.

I recently uploaded a library (hosted on github) successfully but I’m having issues getting the example to show up in the library manager.
Also the author is pointing to another Daniel Garcia.

Thanks a lot in advance,

You made a version change 6 hours ago, PIO has not yet re-crawled your library update. Your library structure looks correct now according to the docs. So I’d say, patience until tomorrow.

Thank you, I was confused because the header showed the latest changes, but I guess the header is just a pointer to github.

It looks like the example has updated now. You’ll also want to delete those .DS_Store files now that you’ve gotten them ignored by git as they’re still lingering in the repo. :wink:

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Examples are there now but the author page is still wrong… from a previous crawl? You can try to follow the advice from the docs (Redirecting...) and just delete the entire authors section so that it crawls it from the Github page. You must also increase the version number then.

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That’s the way I had it originally, with no authors and it got the wrong one :slight_smile: , I guess there are too many Daniel Garcia s

Then we might have the need for a little correction.

@ivankravets Why is there still a link to the wrong author (focalintent (Daniel Garcia) · GitHub) on the library page given the library.json file now lists the author correctly by a direct link to the github url? Is there some manual correction needed here maybe?

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This is an issue of current registry. We have just fixed it. Sorry.

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