Library code size exploded after platformio update

I’ve got a couple projects built with platformio, but suddenly (in the last two weeks) I can’t load them to their devices because the code size has increased dramatically and they no longer fit. I’ve checked all the dependencies and none of them have updated in months - the only thing that I can see which has updated is platformIO itself.

I’ve read through a few posts about people wanting to downgrade platformIO, but the advice given seemed to be double checking to make sure they’re updating correctly and they don’t end up doing it.

I just want to try an older version to see if platformIO is indeed the problem. Is that possible to do?

That does not seem very likely to me, if all platform (e.g., platform-ststm32) and package versions (e.g., toolchain-gccarmonneabi, framework-arduino...) remained the same, changes in the PIO core should not have such a dramatic effect. The core “only” orchestrates calling into platform and crucial builder scripts and the platform also controls the used version of the packages.

What platform = ... is the project built with? Have you gone ahead and used previous versions of the platform to see if the behavior changes?

The platform I use is platform = teensy or to test previous versions platform = I’ve tested the last couple commits on the #develop branch (there was one last week but that was after the problems started) and the result is the same.

If that was what the project had initially, you should only test old stable versions, not individual commits in between. For versions, see Tags · platformio/platform-teensy · GitHub. Try them as e.g.

platform = teensy@4.15.0