Libraries not found

I want to use example from Espressif esp-idf/examples/protocols/http_server/restful_server at release/v4.0 · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub

But there are errors becose two libriries esp_event_loop.h and esp_http_server.h not found.

Other answers was to use the examples from Espressif and to use the right version of EPS examples,

This libraries are parts of components.

I found this in the folder esp-idf/components at release/v4.0 · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub

I found instructions for components at the page Espressif IoT Development Framework — PlatformIO v6.1 documentation and created folder “components”, then I copied files.

It has now the following structure:

├── components
├── ├── esp_event
├── ├── ├── …
├── ├── esp_https_server
├── ├── ├── …
├── …

But it still doesn’t work.

I can compile this project no problems with pretty much the example files plus the necessary platformio.ini settings for setting the source and data folder etc. Even the frontend is running from SPIFFS after I got a bazillion dependencies from npm and vue to ‘compile’ it.

I’ll upload it.

See GitHub - maxgerhardt/pio-espidf-restful-server: The ESP-IDF example protocols\http_server\restful_server compilable with PIO.

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Thank You.

It was misconfiguration of platformio.ini… again.