Lib update failure?

Hello guys,

I recently updated 2 libs the same day (Luos, and LuosHAL).
Luos have been updated to 0.7.0 but LuosHAL have not and stil on 0.0.1 instead of 0.0.2.

Is there any mistake on my library.json ?
Is there any way to diagnose this kind of thing by myself ?


LuosHAL stil don’t update into 0.0.2.
This revision issue make the platformio lib manager unusable for our customers. We have to explain all of them how to bypass it and use directly our github sources.

Can someone from PIO force the update or tell me what’s wrong with it?
Should I unpublish and republish this lib?

Hi @nicoluos,

According to the docs at: Creating Library — PlatformIO latest documentation

You can publish a library to the PlatformIO Registry using pio package publish command. Every time when you modify a source code of a library you will need to increment the “version” field in library.json manifest and re-publish again.

I’m not sure if that means unpublish then republish, or just publish the new version. I’ve yet to publish a library.



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Thank you Norman, you right!

I just make a :

$ pio package pack
Wrote a tarball to "/Users/nicolasrabault/Documents/luos/LuosHAL/LuosHAL-0.0.2.tar.gz"
$ pio package publish
The package has been accepted. We will notify you on email when process it.

I publish the LuosHAL recently with the new lib manager of PIO by sending my local folder (but with the github information on library.json). Platformio doesn’t seems to update it automagically from github as it does on my older libs.

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Glad you got sorted. I’m not familiar with the publishing of libraries, sorry, as I have yet to publish one. (I have a few in mind though!)