Laggy or delayed UI in all of IDE on macOS 10.12 with ESP-IDF

Sorry, this seems super basic.

Atom works fine and is snappy normally. As in, if I disable PIO IDE it’s fine.

However if I enable PIO IDE in Atom and then open an ESP-IDF project, everything is very slow to respond. If this were a native app I would describe it as “the main thread is blocking.”

I click on something, and about 3 seconds later it responds. I can move around on that line for a while, but then within the next 5 seconds, the UI will freeze for 3 seconds again.

Excellent work all around, love PIO, just don’t know what is going wrong here.

Have you resolved this issue?

No, still happening. A really simple example is you can see the cursor stops blinking every 5 seconds or so.

It seems to have gotten better, but still it constantly freezes.

I usually write code in another editor and then use the Platform build/upload tool :slight_smile:

Could you try PlatformIO IDE for VSCode? It has better integration than Atom. Does it work here? We will ask our users to switch to VSCode.