Known script failing now?

There is still some corruption going on, with missing files, maybe in the platform and packages.

I have no idea how this can keep happening – I’m having zero problems.

The only thing I can recommend here is disabling the antivirus which often screws with things (they’re really agressive, even Windows defender as I discussed) and then do a PlatformIO core reinstall, that is

  • Remove the VSCode PlatformIO extension
  • Close VSCode
  • Remove the C:\Users\joema\.platformio\ folder fully
  • Reopen VSCode, reinstall PlatformIO extension, wait for full installation
  • Create new clean ESP32 project and build and upload it.

@maxgerhardt, this topic was ‘confusion’. I’m posting a new question, because the topic is now a keyword.

I’ll do that.
This would be the third time I’ve had to reinstall PIO.

The catastrophic reinstall worked.

Thank you.