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Keep a local library in design for archive?

Hello !
I have a question related to library.
When creating a project on atom, for arduino, esp8266, whatever, it will be created an src and lib directory.
Most of library I use are from library manager: I search and “install” them from the library gui in atom/platformio.

Then, I use github to manage and store my code.

Is there a way to automatically create a copy of library I use in my_project/lib directory ?

I would like to make sure I can freeze in github a full copy of my code, including library.

If the libraries you are using are from the library manager, use your platformio.ini file lib_deps parameter to specify libraries your project needs, and if you want a specific version, that specific version… then you don’t need the distribute the library… it will be automatically installed (to the .piolibdeps folder).