JLINK software dependencies not installing automatically as promised

In the “Drivers” section of the following helpful document it states:


  1. Start debugging session using PlatformIO IDE. PlatformIO will install J-Link software dependencies
  2. Navigate to core_dir/packages/tool-jlink/USBDriver
  3. Run InstDrivers.exe,

Clearly no such automatic download occurred for me. After 4-days of scratching around, the packages directory still has no “tool-jlink” directory. What have I misunderstood?

I have read these other excellent docs:

  • Get started with Arduino and ESP32-DevKitC: debugging and unit testing
  • Build Configurations
  • J-LINK
  • and a whole shed load of others.

Incidentally, my goal is to run a debugger on the Adafruit ESP32 Huzzah.
Is there some vital document I have failed to read please, or is there some secret magic :slight_smile:

but we wrote this? :slight_smile:

PlatformIO will download it if it needs it. It can also use openocd package instead of the JLink.exe provided via tool-jlink. Also the package is available in the bintray for all OSes.

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