Jeez, can you stop rebuilding intellisense already?

Every time- not most time, but EVERY TIME I’m ready to build, it’s rebuilding the index, and ‘build’ isn’t found.

Can it do that less?
I mean, how unbuilt can the intellisense index get?
It gives the impression of a lack of confidence.
Like it wasn’t built right the first time.

Intellisense is part of the Microsoft C/C++ extensions for VSCode. It’s not part of PlatformIO.

You might be able to force intellisense to do a proper rebuild – it sounds like it has its underwear in a knot – by pressing CTRL+Shift+P, then choosing “Rebuild IntelliSense”. Hopefully that will givebit a kick. If not, :frowning_face:


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Thanks. I’ll try it.

I was unable to upload, clean or build anything yesterday, because Rebuild and Loading Tasks kept running. They never quit. Sometimes there were multiples of both running.
I did the whole disable, uninstall, reinstall dance. As soon as I add the PIO extension, it goes into Rebuild and never quits.
I lodged a Github complaint.
This sucks. I have some things I reallyreally want to do.