It keeps uploading a file that isn't open

I’ve been trying to upload this ESP Now file for days, but PlatformIO keeps uploading a BME280 Webserver program that’s been closed for over a week.

I’ve used this file before.
I’m pretty sure I’ve added a BME680 sensor to the ESP Now Sender program, but I can’t upload anything to receive.


"> Executing task in folder Web_Server_SSE_WeMos32: C:\Users\joema.platformio\penv\Scripts\pio.exe device monitor <

— Available filters and text transformations: colorize, debug, default, direct, esp32_exception_decoder, hexlify, log2file, nocontrol, printable, send_on_enter, time
— More details at Redirecting...
Error: ‘ESP32_exception_decoder’
The terminal process “C:\Users\joema.platformio\penv\Scripts\pio.exe ‘device’, ‘monitor’” terminated with exit code: 1."

Exception Decoder is not in this .ini file.
This .ini file has nothing- no lib_deps, just the raw automatic file.