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Issue building STM32F103RET6_creality

I reached the maximum replies. Here the result of the command


Oh okay that doesn’t work in the powershell with theh GCC command in quotes. Can you remove those and retry?

After I opened vscode a message popped up “Downloading portable Python interpreter” and afterwords “Installing PlatformIO Core” and now its working again. :neutral_face:

Should i try to do something to anyway?

Did you ever have multiple PlatformIO core installed (e.g. via pip)? Did you delete the entire C.\Users\<user>\.platformio folder? (Then this is normal)

Not manually. I used from this site but after the issu.
And i have no idea if this is installing another PlatformIO core.

no, not this time.

Well optimally that gets you the same PlatformIO version you already had in VSCode – if that wasn’t outdated and auto-update worked.

Don’t really have an idea what was happening there, though glad it’s working now for you.

I am 85 % sure it stopped working after an update like
But anyway thank you for your effort.