ISS Tracker! ... why slow?

I’m really excited to have an ISS tracker in time for the holidays, although I don’t like the present power supply situation. So it’s not gift-ready. I know I can run it from 2 x Li batteries on a 5V solar panel, but none of my people have a lit window anywhere they’d be able to place this lamp.

Uno and R32 have the barrel jack, but they wouldn’t fit into the 3D printed pieces. WeMos D1 Mini is the right tool for that job- 3V and 5V, which DOIT doesn’t have. WeMosBat only has 5V. Boo.

This is interesting. I saw that the next flyover is in 12 hours, so I rolled my eyes and suspected hijynx.
But lo and behold, the thing is pretty far offshore. It will not be visible for some time. Kinda handy, because the soldered-in OLED isn’t lighting up…

But then i started watching the countdown, and it’s about eight seconds per second.
Is that the server? I know the serial printout is the time reported to the MCU.
So this isn’t a local timekeeping issue.
Nothing I can do about it.
Doesn’t matter, right?