ISS Alert- should this work?

But you specifically said:

Which implies that you created a secrets folder and moved secrets.h into it. Unfortunately, your screenshot shows the compiled output area. We would like to see what’s in src, include and probably lib, please.


Hey- one more thing.
I have a second ISS tracker with a different secrets.h.

And I changed the time zone to New York.

It’s giving me the same Next Flyover.

I want to send this to my nephew on the other coast. Will he see different numbers?

As was mentioned before, that screenshot shows secrets.h is in the wrong place… you have it in include\secrets\secrets.h, not include\secrets.h … get rid of the secrets folder.

And no, it’s going to show him the same time as you see… it’s not going to magically change.

What exactly did you change? Did you update the timezone rule completely/correctly? I think one of the sample rules in the documentation linked is correct for NY, no? So you should have this?

TimeChangeRule usEDT = {"EDT", Second, Sun, Mar, 2, -240};  //UTC - 4 hours
Timezone myTz(usEDT);

And don’t forget you need to update the latitude and longitude, to be correct for his location as well.

Sorry, o didn’t hit the button. I pulled it out of the folder and it worked fine. But I can’t tell that the changed secrets.h was uploaded.
The east coast tracker and west coast tracker are the same.
And I didn’t do the time change rule thing.

Thank you.

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No problem.

Once you make sure the right timezone rule and location info is in place, it should work just fine. If not, there’s a bug, and I’ll need to see the settings you’re using so I can figure out exactly what is going wrong.