Is this community/software really limited to IoT?

The tagline on the main page says “An opensource ecosystem for IoT development”… Is PlatformIO really limited to just IoT development? I was looking to develop embedded projects that are not internet connected, but im not sure if this community is right for me…

I can appreciate the benefit of using buzzwords, but I think in this case you may actually be limiting the scope of this comunity by calling it an IoT community. In my short experience it seems much more like an embedded dev community. Just my $0.02 :slight_smile:

Nice topic :wink:

Could you imagine IoT project without embedded development? What is more, you also can develop a cross-platform desktop project with PlatformIO. See platform-native/examples/hello-world at develop · platformio/platform-native · GitHub .

P.S: Yes, in the core PlatformIO is the project for embedded development. This is “play on words” with IoT trend. We don’t deceive users because PlatformIO ecosystem is great for IoT development.