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Is there anyway to send manually typing messages to arduino through serial port in platformio?

Excellent! Never underestimate the power of a quick Serial.println when trying to debug. It’s what I’ve been doing most of my working life!



The general docs state

Multiple value options can be specified in two ways:

  • Split values with “, ” (comma + space)
  • Multi-line format, where each new line starts with at least two spaces
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Hi @maxgerhardt,

thanks for the link. When I mentioned that there was no mention of having to start each line with spaces or tabs, I was referring to the link I posted (above) to the monitor_flags docs. Happy that the need for spaces etc is documented elsewhere.

I hadn’t used monitor_flags up until then, and didn’t initially spot the example’s leading spaces/tabs until I tried it without and it failed to work.



Thanks for the information sharing.

Add the following command lines to platformio.ini :

monitor_filters = send_on_enter
monitor_flags = 

Restart VSCode and try something like this…


Hi, thank you for all the info above. However, I couldn’t manage to type anything into the terminal. Is there any setting I missed? I already added send_on_enter in the filter.

If you enable the “echo” flag, you would be able to see what you typed. Otherwise, just hit enter and what you typed would be sent to the device, it just won’t show up in the terminal