Is there anyway to add my own library to my platformio ide?

I create a library, which named “SR04”, according to my arduino textbook:
Is there anyway to add this library to my platformio ide?
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Yes. There are several options:

(For the description, it is assumed that the files shown in your post reside in C:\Users\wgt\Documents\SR04)

Option 1: lib_deps

In your platformio.ini file, add:

lib_deps = file:///C:/Users/wgt/Documents/SR04

Option 2: Copy to lib directory

Copy the SR04 directory into the lib directory within your project folder.

Option 3: Git submodule

If both your project and the your library is part of a Git repository, you can use git submodules:

In the project directory, run:

git submodule add lib/SR04
git submodule update --init --recursive

Thank you very much, @manuelbl
Your reply is very clear.
Best regards.