Is there a way to fetch all deps in local directory?

If i have something like:

lib_deps = ArduinoJson ESPAsyncTCP ESPAsyncUDP

Is there a simple way to automatically fetch those deps but in local directory?

Just need to clarify - do you mean:
a) fetched from a local source? or;
b) fetched to a local source?

If b) this is what happens already… they get downloaded in .piolibdeps / .pio/libdeps (depending on whether you are running PIO v3 or v4). You can change that folder to something else if you want by using the libdeps_dir parameter - note it’s a global parameter for that project, so goes in the [platformio] block, not the environment specific [env:whatever-name] block(s).

If you want a) … maybe the lib_extra_dirs parameter?

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  1. Please split libraries with a comma or use new lines
  2. Yes, you can do that with PlatformIO Core 4.0. Navigate to your project from a shell and type pio lib install without any arguments.