Is the search function broken?

When I try to search these forums I get an ‘internal error’ message. Does the search work for other people?

BTW, I also tried to post here a screenshot and also got an error message.

I’m also seeing “Internal Server Error” from search.

Same. I can’t even paste the screenshot here because that gives another

undefined method `video_thumbnails_enabled’ for SiteSetting:Class

error. CC @ivankravets, forum broken.

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I also am unable to create a new post. Can someone please look into this?

Edit; more specific info: I had a partially written draft post started yesterday, then tried to finish up and submit today, and clicking Create Post from that pops up a little “500 error” dialog
I’m not sure if it matters that it was saved as a draft.

I also can confirm the same screenshot error mentioned by maxgerhardt

Sorry for the issue, should be fixed now.


Search is working fine again here.


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All functions restored :slight_smile:

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