Invalid library config


I have an issue with a library I’m creating (see here).

I’m trying to update it, but pio lib register keeps telling me Invalid library config: The library is already registered :frowning:

I know that my first version (1.1.0) is already registered, but I made a few upgrades to it, switched to 1.2.0 in library.json and

Can someone help?

Yes and it’s already updated it 2 hours ago.


No need to re-register the library, the PIO internal crawler service will eventually update your library if you update its library.json. But that doesn’t happen at light speed :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooooh ok now I get it. It’s been updated, but it’s completely out of luck :laughing: To be precise: I was trying to register the library to the Arudino library manager (see here), which implies tagging…

I think PIO’s doc about library registering lacks this information :slightly_smiling_face:

What exactly do you want to know in this regard? How tags in a repository affect the PlatformIO library registry?

Yes :slightly_smiling_face:
Or did I miss something?

Idk about that aspect of the PIO library crawler, maybe @ivankravets can help you :slight_smile:

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@ivankravets, here’s a summary of what’s going on here:

I’ve been searching for the correct method to register and update a registered library on PIO’s registry. I used this part of the documentation: Creating Library — PlatformIO latest documentation

However, it doesn’t mention the need for tags to update an already registered library. I think it would be useful to explain that part.


We will rewrite whole docs for library registry soon. We will keep updating libraries only for legacy manifest. We work on a new Universal Package Registry. You will be able to submit your package (library, dev-platform, toolchain, etc) and further updates. Please follow us at for the further news.

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Thanks you @ivankravets for this! Kudos to all of PlatformIO team!

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