Intellisense working correctly?

I have moved from Arduino to PlatformIO & Visual Code for a project I’m working on and despite being a little overwhelmed have been using it for a couple of weeks and made great progress with my project - progress would have been much slower without it.

My question is that intellisense seems to always show everything available. So for Serial. I get and endless list of suggestions. This make its hard to discover functionality for libraries such as Adafruit GFX. I would have preferred once it knows the object type I’m referring to to only suggest relevant keywords. Its still helpful because it shows me only the relevant overloads once it knows what function I actually want. Is this what everyone else sees or is it just me?

I did have VS code installed from a while back with some hacks to get it to work for Arduino that Pre-Dates Platform IO. It could be that some of those fudges are still around. If so I have no idea how to start afresh? Obviously with my development going well I’m a bit reluctant to break my tools!

Could you try a portable 64-bit Windows ZIP and install the PlatformIO extension inside there and see if it works any different?

Otherwise we’re going to need to see what exact code you’re typing and what Intellisense suggestions you’re getting for reproduction.

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I will try the 64 Bit portable version because of the uncertainty over its installation.

Meanwhile I think I either solved it or vastly improved it.

Under Extensions > [c/c++ intellisense], I hit the cog and configure [extension settings].

There is a setting C_Cpp: Intelli Sense Engine ‘Controls the IntelliSense provider. “Tag Parser” provides “fuzzy” results that are not context-aware. “Default” provides context-aware results. “Disabled” turns off C/C++ language service features.’

This was set to [fuzzy]. I changed the setting to [default].

Now when I type Serial.
I get [.available, .baudrate, .begin…] which is what I expected which is far more useful to me.

As I said it may be entirely self inflicted.

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PS - I also feel a bit more relaxed about loosing all my hard work because I eventually connected it up to github and downloaded again and it still works. That, by the way, was far more complex than I would have liked and actually I don’t think I could set that up again, I have no idea what I was doing.

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