Installation problem (I think)

I am trying to use PIO in vscode. I have done so in ancient times, several PCs ago. I am trying to start a new project but PIO doesn’t seem to be fully installed.

  • I installed the only vscode PIO extension I could find. When I had problems I uninstalled and reinstalled latest beta via visx.

  • I created a project for the esp8266 WEMOS D1 pro and everything went well. I put in some random code.

  • I can’t figure out how to build/run etc. I seemed to remember icons on bottom of window but there is nothing there. The alien is in the left bar and I can get to PIO home. If I bring up the command pallete and select “platformio: build” I get Command 'PlatformIO: Build' resulted in an error (command '' not found).

  • I tried “update all” from the PIO menu and saw this in the terminal wsl(/mnt/c/Users/mlap/esp-relays) platformio update platformio: command not found.

It seems clear that the install is somehow incomplete. I’m running windows 10 with may 2020 update of vscode.

I’ll use the arduino IDE for now but would really like to use PIO.

Help please?

Do you really have a clean and update VSCode install? No WSL plugins whatsoever installed?

The error itself is also referenced in the forum here. Problem with PlatformIO installation on VSCode - #8 by sunsina, so try that first.