Install new board Heltec wifo Lora 32(v3)

Hi. Total n00b here. I am trying to use PlatformIO on VSC with a Heltec wifi LoRa 32(v3) board. There is a v2 board available in PlatformIO, but there is a different chipset in the v3 board. I have successfully added v3 to the arduino IDE but can not figure out how to add that the platformIO

Thanks for your help

Duplicate of Heltec Esp32 LoRa v3 board support.

Thank you so much. I did search for “heltec” before I started a new topic but did not get any results. Clearly I did something wrong in my search. Thanks again.

Hi, Can anybody please guide me for finding libraries for Heltac Lora board version 3?