Install loop started yesterday in both VSCode and Atom

Yesterday I was using VSCode for the first time to try PlatformIO for Arduino stuff. I don’t remember at what time, but all of a sudden it went through the pio reinstall process. After a restart of VSCode it did it again.

From what I’ve seen with past bug reports, sometimes VSCode is broken and sometimes Atom is so I decided to try Atom for the first time today after work. Same install/restart loop. I looked at Atom’s console with Ctrl+Shift+I and noticed permission errors for the virtualenv. Weird since I just installed Atom and had blown away the .platformio dir too.

On a whim I updated Atom’s shortcut to start in admin mode. Atom did one more install cycle and after reloading it stopped and PlatformIO loaded its tab. Exiting Atom and going back in also loaded PlatformIO’s tab. Strangely if I don’t start Atom in admin mode then the install/restart loop starts anew.

Then I tried the same admin mode trick with VSCode and I got some weird python errors. Since I had Atom working I didn’t bother digging into it anymore.

The good news: I found a workaround.
The bad news: I never used either of these tools before yesterday and today. Why would the permissions be messed up?

OS: Win 10 x64

Please remove ~/.platformio folder and don’t use PIO with admin rights.

While I was playing with this I deleted my .platformio dir several times. Didn’t help.

If I don’t use admin mode I get permission problems on extension startup in the js console, like I said before.