Install and run arduino libraries on a desktop?

Is it possible to install and run arduino libraries on a desktop and then run them as a desktop application on platformIO?

I wish to run arduino unit tests on a desktop before running them on an arduino board, and it would be beneficial if I run arduino code on a desktop to do this.

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Do you mean emulation?

if the Arduino framework is specifically designed, and only works on arduino hardware (which I don’t think is true because I have read accounts of people using the arduino framework on a raspberry pi) then yes. I was hoping though that there would be a way to run the arduino software on non arduino hardware. Emulation is not necessary, just running the arduino framework on non arduino hardware is.

I have an arduino that is located remotely, and do not have access to it 24/7, so I need a way of testing my code without a physical arduino.

You might be thinking of something like the RasPiArduino framework, which works by having a completely different toolchain and board type. For basic stuff it would probably be practical as a ‘emulator’, but for the raspberry Pi hardware only.

I haven’t tried it, but this could work… UnoArduSim

There is platformio remote if you can get that arduino connected to something with an internet connection so you can remotely program it.

Otherwise your best option is duplicate hardware - beats any emulator, and you know it will do exactly what the hardware at the other site does.

yep, I have platformio remote, but the arduinos are running in a production environment most of the time. Buying the required hardware may be the best bet.

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