#include with codeblocks

I have just started using Platformio with Code Blocks, as I just like the interface more than Atom :slight_smile: just seems a bit friendly to me. I set up the project with pio init --ide codeblocks --board teensy35 and everything is looking good. However I have found that I can’t directly include a file in my “lib” folder into the main program by just inserting “#include <myHeaderFile.h>” or "#include “myHeaderFile.h” ". I did stumble across a way to do it, somehow the autocomplete managed to guess what I was trying to do and offered “<…/lib/myHeaderFile.h>” which worked but seems a little clunky to me, and not as neat as the way Atom handled it. Is there a setting I need to set, or something I need to do to make it work the same way as Atom?

See how a library should be organized:

Also, take into account “Warning” block here Redirecting...