Include Errors making PlatformIO Unuseable


I have recently been working with PlatformIO to program for the ESP32 using ESP-IDF, but it is getting to a point where it is unuseable because of the “Update include path files” bug that I have been getting. Deleting the VScode folder and reopening use to fix it, but now that doesn’t and I am unable to actually use the program.

I have also tried Rebuilding the Intellisense Index, but that has done nothing.

These are the main two solutions I have found while searching, but they haven’t helped consistently.

Does anyone know of any permanent fixes that will allow me to actually use PlatformIO?

Thank you,

PlatformIO project for reference?

How would I provide that?

If you have it on GitHub or some other code management system online, you could share the link.

Otherwise, you could share the project folder using Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc or a zip file of it. Probably best the delete the platformio subfolder before you do that as that’s unnecessary binary baggage.

Or if it’s really simple code, copy and paste your platformio.ini and code - use triple backticks before and after so it’s formatted as code and not mangled formatting.