Importing arduino projects inconsistency

I use VSCode with PIO and am importing my arduino projects.

my directory structure for projects is C:\Users\Paul\Documents\PlatformIO\Projects\Live

there are five projects and I went through them in turn and each one imported correctly except for the last one, which does import with a strange name, but insists on being in a different place which is C:\Users\Paul\Documents\PlatformIO\Projects - one directory level up.

here’s a snip thing of the folder contents for the project I’m trying to import

and here’s a snip of the final result

I haven’t got much hair left anyway, so no big probs :slight_smile:

Can I just rename the folder and drag it to the right place (i.e. the \Live\ folder) or does that foul things up?

thanks for any help,

i got around it by copying a pio.ini from one of the other projects and opeing the project from PIO rather than importing it. That created the .pio and .vscode folders but not the include folder. I’ll do that manually.

Hopefully it will work out ok.