Import boards from Arduino (Seeeduino XIAO BLE Sense nRF52)

I just bought an Seeeduino XIAO BLE Sense board, very cool.
The documentation uses Arduino IDE, but I’m used to PlatformIo

However… there is no official support for this board and the one made from the community I found is not well “compatible” with the Arduino standards and the official documentation of the board.

For example:
I’m following the getting started section of the Seeeduino guide, where there is the classic Blink Example with the digitalWrite(pin, HIGH/LOW); well… in PlatformIo “HIGH” and “LOW” are not recognized…

Schermata 2022-10-18 alle 09.17.37

If there is some discrepancies for this trivial things… I imagine that will be also for more complex stuff that I’m going to make in future.

Since Seeeduino provides a repo for external boards to put in Arduino IDE and works like expected, is there any way to import those things in PlatformIo, I never did it

Thanks in advance :smiley:

The only PlatformIO support is this custom PR: Add Xiao nRF52840 (Sense) board support by maxgerhardt · Pull Request #151 · platformio/platform-nordicnrf52 · GitHub, which also only implements the ArduinoCore-mbed core version for this board.

Hi thanks, I saw that yesterday but I don’t know how to follow the steps because I don’t know PlatformIo in the way to do custom things.

For example where can I find the “PlatformIO registry” for the first step?

But you don’t need anything from the PIO registry. Start an arbitrary project (e.g. “Board: Uno” + “Framework: Arduino”), then overwrite the platformio.ini with the content in the PR and hit build.

ok, I tried, I still get the same problem :frowning: (I tried in a fresh PlatformIO installation)

Well what error are you getting and what’s your platformio.ini?