ILI9341_due_config.h: No such file or directory

I’m new in this community
I try to understand how Atom is working.
D:/__Dokus/Documents/Arduino/My Examples/uTouchButtonTest/uTouchButtonTest/uTouchButtonTest.ino:4:32: fatal error: ILI9341_due_config.h: No such file or directory
I copied the all files into the lib Folder snd I see them in the Atom Editor but still I got this message.
What I’m doing wrong ?

It should look like lib/ILI9341_due/<sources>. Do you mean this library GitHub - marekburiak/ILI9341_due: Arduino Due and AVR (Uno, Mega, Nano, Pro Mini,...) library for interfacing with ILI9341 SPI TFTs ?

I figured out than I can install libs via commandline
platformio lib install 148
but still the lib is missing
I tried it again and Atom is telling me already installed
where on my windows harddrive is the lib folder

See Redirecting...

Thx for reply
But I got the information
Error: Missing argument “libid”.
PS D:__Dokus\Documents\Arduino\My Examples\uTouchButtonTest> pio lib show 148

Authors: Watterott electronic Watterott electronic · GitHub
Keywords: spi, lcd, display, graphics
Frameworks: arduino
Platforms: atmelavr
Version: 94fa291c91

MI0283QT-9 / -9A / -11 Display (ILI9341, SPI)

PS D:__Dokus\Documents\Arduino\My Examples\uTouchButtonTest>

But I don’t find the file ILI9341_due.h
in the .atom folders
Bye the way If I get this to work,Job well done Ivan

Is there a way to install a zip file ?

What was wrong in




The Problem My Data Drive is D: not C:

Go to where you saved your project and you should see a folder called .pioenvs , in that folder you should see another folder with the name of the board you choose when you created your project…There you should see all the libraries you installed…the library folder and file should be named like the library but with a _ID and the id of the library…just delete the _ID stuff and you should be good to go!

Hope that helps!

I had the same problem with the Time library and that did the trick.